Hanna Marin + Eyebrows

*tosses a couple rocks at Peri’s window*


*swings a guitar to the front and starts playing* 

Some people talk to angels
Some people talk to themselves
I don’t know who you’re talking to
But everything you say makes me want you

Some people run in circles
Some people run forever
I don’t know where you’re running to
But everywhere you go makes me want you

You are a novel in a sea of magazines
You make me nervous, You make my heart beat
You are red in a sea of black and white
You are a fire, you are dynamite

Some people try to change the world
Some people just stay alive
I don’t know what you’re living for
But everything you do makes me want more

You are a fire, you are dynamite 


-when he swings his guitar and starts playing, Peri’s cheeks involuntarily turn bright red and she can’t help but grin like a total dufus-


I think I’m officially serenaded-I-I mean, that was-I think I’m-…

-she bites her lip and holds up her finger as if to say “wait!” and runs, jumping down the stairs and sprinting to her front door and opening it, running towards him, her cheeks still rosey-

-she stands there a moment, letting out a foggy breath before singing a few notes of her own-

Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted

*tosses a couple rocks at Peri’s window*


Hey frosty!


-peeks out window-


What’re you doing?

-sits up on the clock tower, feet dangling over the edge-


Of course they are. It doesn’t…it doesn’t register to them what they’re doing. It doesn’t compute or something.

-she raises her eyebrows in surprise just slightly as she begins spouting it all off-

I-I’m not by myself. It…look, love has failed. Sorry for textbook romantics and all of that. But it’s failed me. A lot. And maybe that’s mine own fault for not speaking up or shoving people away or not grabbing him and kissing him when I had the chance. Maybe I fucked up. But I-I don’t want to do it anymore! I don’t! I don’t want to put myself out there again. I don’t want to smile at him and pretend I’m okay. I don’t want to do any of it. So I focus on other people because at the end of the day, they matter to me. You matter to me. And when my people are happy, I get to be happy because nothing else seems to be working out!


-she wipes at a stray tear that’s fallen down her cheek because she didn’t mean for all of that to come out: Dax, Peri, any of it but it did and so she traces at the brick next to her and ignores the few more tears that escape-

-listens to it all and is slightly shocked at the "you" and wants to ask why or how or when because all this time she’s been wondering to herself what she did to make Tessa hate her so much and now it seems like maybe, just maybe, Peri was right from the beginning and she clings onto that feeling like it’s the last breath of fresh air in the whole entire universe and then she feels it before even turning to meet her gaze and witnessing it: crying and in a split second she’s got her arms wrapped around her in silence-

-hugs don’t usually last very long with Peri, body heat isn’t her favorite thing in the world and in extreme cases can cause her to get much too hot and even faint but this time, it didn’t matter, she didn’t let go, she couldn’t if she tried, all she knew was her sister-this girl-next to her had given up on love and even though she was not a big fan of relationships and all that mushy stuff, the idea that Tessa had felt so much pain and was still in pain made her want to squeeze all of her sadness away and take it upon her own shoulders instead-

*walking around the forest*


I am the best fish chef around, you had to be lying. 


*If he only moved an inch closer he’d be kissing her. But did he want to do that? He meant what he said earlier, he didn’t want to melt her. It could only end badly. So he contented himself with staying at their close proximity.* 

Oh woah there fireboy, I don’t know about the best. I’ll have to try every chef’s fish dishes in town first!

-stares as he moves in closer and wants to close the gap between them but hesitates and convinces herself she’s happy with the proximity the way it is-

So uh, you wanna give me a piggy back ride? Since I’m already on your back and all…

Is the menu here the same as it was before?



But if you ask anyone else, they’d probably tell you to run as fast as you can.

Good. I mean, I’d hate to die so soon. I heard it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

Good thing I seldom follow anyone’s advice, then. I’m Periwinkle by the way. Peri for short. Who are you?